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Realm-ofDa-Woods  36 F
Dat thing aint leaving nowhere he sat all day n his mama crib lurking airg
I be laughing my @## off
Thexminx  41 F
Naz wtf is wrong with these people
Egyptian_Vampire  37
U ugly as hell lmaooo so is ur car
Amilliomillz  100 M
😭😭😭 Nazston White
Lol airg people are all jealous of each other it seems I be laughing my a##
Egyptian_Vampire  37
Like loo at u in that video LMFAOOOO
Egyptian_Vampire  37
scared to show that fat....Lmaooo Naz u look so basic lmaooo
KnlDGAF  37 F
Just thugging it out Big
Thexminx  41 F
U jealous much muttley
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