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yarilyn222  34 F
Boring Saturday
MzShakeLoose79  42 F
hes whooping her as
Bigmusty  48 M
Stfu poor broke bum I'm laid you cryn typos = broke n bitter
DuRtY_JeRz  M
f'n weirdos on UL
Oudit  46 M
🐧🐧 Saturday of rest and extra praying OmG
the_amir  34 M
I never said it wasn't nice...
Bigmusty  48 M
Broke gay mf n a chat doing typos
Zemo15  39 M
Ultra I hope your kids are smarter than you
Bigmusty  48 M
It ban me again sissy as deplorable this yo kind <
babymelt  43 F
🐧 how you been? are you resting today?
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