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heivilin890  30
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Iluvme75  40 F
police brutality is real when it comes to black people I actually went to a peaceful protest 2days ago until the police started pushing people around
moodydude  54 M
mmm daddy playn phone fun lady's HMU
Iluvme75  40 F
I agree looting is not good but at least they hear the people now everyone is saying the protesters are wrong but nobody is what's a better solution to the problem
bklyn09  40 M
Holla NY
roselij  27
I'm looking for a relationship's my hangouts morganrose437@gmail.****
dallas12437  50 M
yeah this looting and tearing up your own neighborhood ain't helping at all
roselij  27
hey guys
redbeam  48 M
Another rainy day
roselij  27
hey guys
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