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Status: It's that time of the year again. Well, I'll be dropping by here to check my inbox occasionally. Be more on Skype, Zoom, Gmail, and Messenger for some reasons. (12 August 2021) See ya. 💪🏻😎
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Ah, the incel Filipino. Abso-fncking-lutely barbaric. 🤭 - 2021-08-10
do they still bother you? they must have a miserable life as the only thing that makes them feel good is to make other ppl uneasy. lol what a waste of air. - 2021-07-24
Unpleasant to hear such news regarding desparate woman stalking you. Unless that's the incel Filipino, an AirG user w/an avatar photo & rubbish English grammar you had mentioned. The creepy stalker. - 2021-07-07
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