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Irish, A. take a longggggg Qtip* B. scrape naemans tonsils C. Send to a Lab 4. result will show Chaz DNA ok
Elibannedpro2  99 M
you tell em white lol
whiteboy-dude  35 M
Robyn what color undies u wearing??
Ebtguy4u  45 much u owe power company to get it back on
Sae-_  48
Theres one of these old angry men in every room
who told u that Eric???
dawg done lost it. lawdy mercy
Sae-_  48
Hes still pickin on nae...smh
whiteboy-dude  35 M
Chic's think they run stuff. BUT THEY DO NOT
E_swift  45 M
I composed a eulogy In feathered pen
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