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dawg. get yur. boy rella
Now you know black folks don't eat pumpkin pie lol
ApatheticMoi  36 F
Then what the heck you doing here, señorito?? Lolz
CuRvEy-CuTiiEee  98 F
Lmaoooooo flow sorry 😔
ApatheticMoi  36 F
Smh soupy. You never get my humor
KnlStillHere  35 F
Hope somebody ate the pie
CuRvEy-CuTiiEee  98 F
Two dudes that gotta sit to pee ain't gonna keep bothering me ✋
MzShakeLoose79  42 F
Dawg su for I have u euthanized monk😂
DNT-NV_Xavior  46 M
Ms Savage y u going to do that to the train😆
Ooh I forgot bout my pumpkin pie
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