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chilloligist  59
so what caused the spill in fort mac....n when ???
sillyillybilly1  34 M
NookyMonster  53 M
I would have been 220 .. but drugs and alcohol stifled my growth
Swiftdagod  45 M
Naaa lol opal Williams y you into convicted child abusahs?
xXkrazzyXx  47 F
lol swift ...i like ppl that are have character to em ...ones that can...
Look5  52
Raises hand im jeff i owned trucks i lost almost every thing
Swiftdagod  45 M
U guys share same needle ? I mean hobbies?
Clickster928  57 F
woohoo Kray.. n sure has been hanging on.. I've had that a long time
Flying_Dutchman  49 M
T800 KW I take that any day
sjt1976  43 M
meff mouth
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