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smokin is only bad,for someone else that gets in my way if i dont have any
Chat_brat_1  F
Lol hun inorms do that after my run.. The cleaning haha
OutLaw-_-Angel  77 F
Omg stop.
Super-_-Peach  44
Yeah you go ahead and try that jedd. I dare ya
Lol gig u thumb thug
NookyMonster  53 M
Find one on the ground a smoke it
Fireitup0  45 M
Jesus has a green card
OutLaw-_-Angel  77 F
Especially for women Rurnt. U need to quit
gigglefitz  39 F
Look, are you cruising for a bruising? Lol
NookyMonster  53 M
I'm playing Russian roulette with cigarettes
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