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Lions-bf  M
Mikey Romanians have better English grammar than you
Londonxminx  36 F
Bean will be like a man in a rocking chair
Lmao brendy mad af making new vids lol .why does he let me .get him mad af
El_kawvron  122 M
Idk but I sure would like to see what happens when a person sneezes like th
ViNTaGE-CUrVeZz  98 F
That's jj type of behavior
EviL_Lexi  98 F
One of me mates got her tongue pierced! Got infected turn me off!
wat if she believed it to b th truth til th alledged culprit admited th orr
srv4pm  36
Same fn story all day every day get some new material
ViNTaGE-CUrVeZz  98 F
Never have never will that's kiddy shd
Londonxminx  36 F
I want it a second one Beth
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