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gd thing ur not paid for ur thoughts hey rg
Okielife  62 F
gdm moonpie
c0m3dy_g3n1u5  108 M
yea there $up3r $3xy r3d p4nts lol say elo 2 th incredible bulge l0lol
Moon-_-Beems  44 F
What's a traditional Newfie dinner Dorky?
Sid_euce  52 M
dorkey is a _fuckwad
DeySend-RG1-pics  85 M
Super_Nova_luna  98
robert42m  51 M
Why do some of y'all over invest in most this nonsense?
DeySend-RG1-pics  85 M
ppl shld post while angry they post the most hypocrite chit when they angry
Sid_euce  52 M
Luna are oversized parachute pants with big red shoes
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