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Tony_T66  34
Think about it son ... let me know monday ok
byronpt2  57
Sooks dm'n me hukky. Why isn't she to u?? Hmmmm?? rereN
Tony_T66  34
Ur gonna bet on that goaltending?
justmebeinme  34 F
He says if he loses, he’ll send me a selfie lol I call bs
Mr_Gotham_City  43 M
Bk False Alarm
Tony_T66  34
Oilers lose 1 of 2 players it's over... think about it
Chillcology  59
your big eyes...idk...u just remind me of su**** aliens i know
byronpt2  57
Lol is he laying down cash or just flapping his thumbs?
Betrot  38 F
Awwww soooo cute ****
XxHarl3yQuinnxX  35 F
I wasnt talking about byron huk. Dont speak for me
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