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The main goal in life is to log on chat and fabricate outrageous nonsense
CherokeeppI  62 F
hi Bob
Runzwithscissors  44 F
Lol i gotta get back to work. Give em hell
No Betty wasn't the one catfished
DaYz_LiKe_DiZ  30 M
He aged BAD last 5 years
Rg1-Sicario  97
runz I pity wild .but I'm sure as hell ain't meeting her lol ..u were just catfished lol
DaYz_LiKe_DiZ  30 M
I mean let's b honest...he didn't look this bad then...what 5 years ago?
Hi Maxine
Runzwithscissors  44 F
Lol rg, pity. Im too kind i guess
DaYz_LiKe_DiZ  30 M
Right rg?
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