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Mz_Creemee  37 F
I be lmfaoooooo
reda1  40 M
Nips huh
Queencap5  46 F
Mexi did wavey make it to the bx yet? Or nah
Wvttsbabylocc  32 M
Cap u ain't never make it to nyc yet
hatersOFNYRM553  86
Put a pic up of yo kitchen then
Beauty-heartlezz  42 F
Lmao the other chic did the smart thing just text not get mad a fool of
Mz_Creemee  37 F
Every new pic he posts his cheeks are more sunk in. Gross
Rico_5mooth252  32
Nique you ok sis
So he wasn't lookin like a dxpehead when u was showing him ya nips on cam h
hatersOFNYRM553  86
Bed next to yo stove pc ngga
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