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Zemann56  59 M
OK... WTF... OK??
Zemann56  59 M
Ban girl mutt, weak minded kneegro boy stuck on full tardo...
y'all not too bright that's why ok...duh again
Bolda_The_Wise  37
Get me a little nap In before this flight back to Boston..
Redbullove  24 M
Why dawg?
Bolda_The_Wise  37
It didn't make sense to an elderly that lost his wits
zemann  59 M
Doggy got a new sugar daddy, keeps her tailpipe busy.
Mz_Carrie_Babii  36 F
that made zero sense, u south africans need to hush bolda smh
DoubleDDs89  30 F
add me
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