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xEff_MyEx  101 F
i like Q Money
ooSevene  45 M
"He Cnt Love U" is #119 & "Gotta Be" us #138 lol
stell have u applied for any mortician positions yet, I think ur perfect for working with corpses ok
BeeKayCee  24 F
don't get worried until your cabinet doors stary swinging open
AnnelieseBlanco_  33
Ok RobynnBaee.. immma hush jus so i wont leave u.... It was all a lie guys... he saw something...
Bolda_The_Great  37
Q Money " Work "
Got gay city hurt bet u wont request me again flammed dat ase
Ebtguy4u  45
my the power of christ compels you may the power of christ compels you
Deathsquad314  32 M
The power of baby jesus compels you
iLikeDaBendOva  35
BestFriend RUNNNNNNNNN like Forrest Gump
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