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milk_chocolate6  30 F
Welp ✌ace let me do wtf I gotta do bbl...
All that other sht on who u thnk u is that's u living in yo head
H3artl3zzB3auty  42 F
I'm sorry but people can tell who happy and who not I agree with u Kimmie
RobynRiRiWatson  51
i dont like relish on my hotdog
hatersOFNYRM553  86
Lol@ sumn brewin
RicKy109  33 M
Only a Bish thnk she worth sumn to a man and she right a fuq
Xbamaman4fX  104 M
Hey ladies hmu
whiteboy-dude  36 M
sallys718  103 F
Who's gonna love you❤ they way I can doooo sing it marry j
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