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xXxkAnGeLxXx  33 F
i made me some yummy taco who want some hehe
Queencap17  36 M
U know u hurt when u 60 n make up sh like that
Queencap17  36 M
Got ur simple as lying saying I f my daughter's gf my baby straight idiot
xXxkAnGeLxXx  33 F
good afternoon i have had me some delish taco mmm
Queencap17  36 M
Giving out 2 day bans cuz I be having u angry ctfu
Queencap17  36 M
U had me hurt n crying says the ban queen :((:((
u hurt I had u crying for twon to help u earlier huh
Earl 👀 hey phone Tinkabooty tell her im here
Macbook  39
They giving ppl condoms and vibraters wtf
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