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ApatheticMoi  36 F
Señorito, you at work?
CuRvEy-CuTiiEee  98 F
You seem him dodger I should slap the snot out him ✋😭
woods said mmmkay b4 u u mmmkay thief!!! smh
CuRvEy-CuTiiEee  98 F
I have my lady friend lol dodger smh I hate being a woman
CuRvEy-CuTiiEee  98 F
A upper hand 🤣
She had to tell whole room she on period lol classy females lmao
You can't mix English and French so iss spelled wrong
ApatheticMoi  36 F
Lolz aww, savage. What's wrong?
loll mong
CuRvEy-CuTiiEee  98 F
Lmaoooooo the upper hand 😭😭😭I'm put my foot in Ur as u gonna have
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