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Kneel4u  65 M
Any guys from Gayndah?
QueenOfHearts91  30 F
That experience was wen I lived back in Innisfail ...
K1tZo_t33k_oAo  33 F
I saw my whole life flash before my eyes was like wtf
QueenOfHearts91  30 F
His Name is SAMUEL .. That all I know of this entity..
FreshIes  31 M
Adds - MNA- If you DTF!
QueenOfHearts91  30 F
I felt curious as the time Wtf was what i seen ..
Donk23  23 M
like from ya traditional home land
QueenOfHearts91  30 F
The light on an went back to sleep normally..
QueenOfHearts91  30 F
In my experience as soon as my spirit went back into my body I turned >
Donk23  23 M
well that might be a spiritual totem
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