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Oudit  43 M
sisters and king oudit need another planet *
Bobsbad  30 M
Retard hour
Do I need to dig the boy up again?
Bobsbad  30 M
Loser room
Gonna be irritating?
JohnnyGrime  34 M
Huk betrayed max for bunny
Hukdy7  M
DeMoNiK-SiNDRuM3  36 M
max, i never really enjoyed banning you.. its kinda like the cops taking ppl to jail for bud.. they dont really want to just do it... but you were standing in the way of whippings.. and ill not have that on this plantation rofl
Huk am I digging your son up tonight?
Hukdy7  M
U know my son would take u out your misery max lol
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