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Fireitup001  44 M
I'm not and never will bash amie you're reading wrong
Soupy's a damn good woman with a big heart
chilloligist  59
whats sid trying to say ? he boinked swats ?
Swifty_cent  45 M
Constantly reminding guys ,I only koje being friends with them
BamaGrl  43 F
And i bought him a new/better one
JohnnyKillingit  34
If the kady dont care u shouldnt
Fireitup001  44 M
So what's YOUR point johnny?
Swifty_cent  45 M
I'm starting to think some guys want me too it been ongoing
JohnnyKillingit  34
Fire was criticizing me for aimee and swats now doing what he said i did
Ticia44  44 F
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