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Rg1_TexasBorn  38
yes fire dont go there .dont throw d elderly under d bus cus u hate me .lol
chilloligist  59 do u know what fire feels ? u got a tay we phone ?
So0kIeStAcKh0uSE  39 F
Info in a chat rm to try and what exactly? Prove ur tough? Put ur family
Goodoleusa  52 M
And rg you can leave a minute now
So0kIeStAcKh0uSE  39 F
Lol well personally I think the Dimwit is who gives out his address and fb
Fireitup__  44 M
What I just said ain't up for debate
Goodoleusa  52 M
Hope they start sagging today
Rg1_TexasBorn  38
wait Tommy said ..the elderly guy that swears he dint care bout me? .but talk to women bout me
chilloligist  59
this is rG's idea of living abundantly
Lmao woah
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