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Mentalistxx  42 F
7am here Goosey.. With moody teenagas.. 🤣
YourOctoberLove  99 M
Demon do I need to worry n fear for my life .cus of chat occurrences? Lol
Portagoosey  39
I don't want to discuss anything with you ever RG. Got it?
eViL_sPawns  99 F
I didn't start nada daf 🙄💭
YourOctoberLove  99 M
Covid n related stuff lol
Portagoosey  39
Lol Mental. I'm way behind you over here on the west coast USA
YourOctoberLove  99 M
AS I said ana we discuss topics n nothing more ..
Portagoosey  39
That should tell you everything
YourOctoberLove  99 M
But ur the one that wants kill ppl lol
Rg settle down troll.leave her alone
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