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Ethan_____xx  26
I'm never going there again
Lies? Lmao they said right here..inb this room.. lmao
I got better game than demon lol he always got caught aha
we always rule
Ethan_____xx  26
I'm not welcome there because I wear shoes and good clothes
Zapped___  45
Hello how are you doing today available for hookup and give you servic
open_your_mouth  39 M
9 hrz till game time itz ova for the Dodgers yo
Ethan_____xx  26
Why ? Because they're poor and think it's ok
Cuz all you are is a shiit starting beenur, nm. Youre a fake _fuck
DEFLEP5469  99 M
All the promise the Browns had is gone. It's how Cleveland is
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