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people dont seem to want the original type stereo systems. i might get that
yeah gunn the 1 i like is very inexpensive because not in fashion lol
TheInfamousTGUNN  89 M
Oh I didn't have the $ for THAT stuff Dutch plus it was limited importation into US but I know how good that stuff was. Professional grade
gigglefitz  39 F
They're playing again haha
TheInfamousTGUNN  89 M
Wow that's a NICE rose click
byronpt4  58 M
I had a complete Telefunken in 81 Tommy.
byronpt4  58 M
Amazing fidelity chesta.
Clickster928  57 F
Ok I'll upload one
with remote. i myself prefer the standard simple stereo player
Fireitup0  45 M
Off the tree I got in trouble
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