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OutLawChic  47 F
Being paid more to do nothing than get a job is not ok.
TrixieNox  25 F
as does any political "discussion"
Biron5757  42 M
Yams you carrot top how goes it? Smhl
Runzwithscissors  43 F
Geez this got a little out of hand
Eric-Swift  45 M
Lol no it don't it's y they all poor
OutLawChic  47 F
That is asinine. That bankrupts the state then the country
Saeelah  93 F
Whos number 1 smoke?
NxCognito  99 F
Me requesting his sources caused this
More business were started in the past 3 years than the prev 8
Eric-Swift  45 M
Minds of 5 year olds ..
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