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gigglefitz  38 F
A shihtzu
xprincebgx  36 M
Thats funny lucian your dog lived up to his name lol
Lucian  42 M
Lizzie bordan (sp) was an sn here
c0m3dy_g3n1u5  107 M
my dog was called cash coz she had a pound sign on ead n neck
Lucian  42 M
Like the song "dont Bogart that joint, my friend"
Big0379  39 M
Chat ladies
xprincebgx  36 M
Lol gigglefitz what type of dog you got?
Darla321  46 F
Darla321  46 F
Monsta you're one of a kins
Lucian  42 M
Yeh. First day home he got into my stash n slobbered over it, hense bogart
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