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You're retarded Tony that's an absolute fact your post prove that
Tony_T40  101 M
Hes gonna be on repeat for hours lol
Hukdy_cool  59 M
He always on my mind
Goodoleusa  53 M
Honestly most of the women in here would eat a bannana in aroom fullofmen
peachysugarpie  44
Yeah. Men hate women that are clean and organized. Gross!
Hukdy_cool  59 M
I con****tc
He's like the Forrest Gump of airG anyone can see that by his post
How does ANYTHING Trump does effect Canadians?
NookyMonster  53 M
Lol might of seen me on a wanted poster back in the day
Hukdy_cool  59 M
I see something don’t know wat I see but it shows to be real
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