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xMentalistt  40
A fully loaded here, is 4 squid.. Where ya bloody shop.. lol
I'd rather buy a 57 Cameo truck for 68 Grand
Look6  52
They cheap on the 5 to 7 yrs payment plan
U can get up to 400thous miles on a diesel truck
xMentalistt  40
Haha! Ya a rich bhich 2 Fire.. Ain't we all.. lol
If you look at his truck and her truck I don't see 38,000 difference
srssms1  39 F
Look6  52
Fully loaded 2500 up here is 110g so about 70 75g us
You can still get a cheap truck is sister bought one for 30,000
Fireitup02  45 M
Pocket change
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