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moonalisa-_-  45 F
Lmmfao look at him clinging on to every post of hers 🤣🤣🤣
XX00020  M
Some people don’t take rejection well 😆
CuRvEyCoNt0uRs  97 F
Huk idc if they post my family etc the point is they act like I'm wrong
Ch33kY_Ch4ppY_IV  25 M
So curvey who said wat lol
Mentalistxx  42 F
Summat on the horror channel Wubbs.. A cba .. lol
Very well mental how are you
CuRvEyCoNt0uRs  97 F
When u rejected a dude this what happens lol
I get that way alot to curvy
Ch33kY_Ch4ppY_IV  25 M
Trust me i am th trustworthy real man of morals
Mentalistxx  42 F
Ayup Greg anytime.. 🤗 Ya well?
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