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Zzz_So_Tired_Zzz  104 M
yeah mentalcase kelz been hating on you for an hour now lol
Lol mental
Kel, what the hell are you ranting about now
Good soft rock jam I been on lately walking in Memphis
killerkel  F
So don't even try to lie to me
Fireitup001  45 M
Gotta get on the wheel of Fortune game, Vanna pick me a letter
xMentalistt  40
Is her typing 2 me.. lool Pissoff skitZo...
killerkel  F
Biggest fake biggest liar I've ever known you
Zzz_So_Tired_Zzz  104 M
thats on my list for later mentalcase, in spain?
I even like some stuff that’s sorta spiritual even tho I’m atheist
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