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It's the unwanted parts off the dead pig🤣
Ms_Daisy  40 F
Bologna is gross
justcherry37  39 F
Who's not friends with anyone? I got distracted by this really bad comedy
Chazy240  101 M
Oh I love to eat it everyday 😁And if you ask me why say, 🎶🎶
Rai-herrera  36
Everyone's trying to tug at me and take my spot.
MoonShine-_-  47 F
Baloney is made from all the scraps of the left over meats 🤮
Woods!! 🌹👋 Hiya moon 🌛🌹
Realm-ofDa-Woods  37 F
Bologna is a long footlong to mi iw
Mystery meat
Free day. Is good! Right🤣
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