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byronpt3  57 M
Lol. Why ya say that chill? I imagine he'll be set up quite nicely.
gdm byron
isnt the entirety of the royals on a technical dole? LOL
M0V13_S74R  34 M
4o seconds not really worth it byron lol feel sorry 4 people that paid 4 it
Reverendchill  60
so prince harry n his wife are gonna collect welfare ?
byronpt3  57 M
Ya dig ur way outta the snowbank lol?
M0V13_S74R  34 M
Im gd gd lol wat u upto
byronpt3  57 M
I didn't watch UFC last night. I think I'm over that crap anyways
hotnewfiemama10  45
M0V13_S74R  34 M
B gd odds to bet on them winnin Superbowl now. Odds will decrease
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