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Stacy u post this morning u know just wat inthe fliming business
Giggles2  33 F
MINES Aunt Bessies so shove it!
Oxo---  97 M
lol jack
Beepbeep1  20 F
So says Ow.. Next ta her name? lol Funny!!
peachysugarpie  44
Fire I know that personality type very well. Unfortunately
Giggles2  33 F
No.. I'm more of a nails, shoes, hair kind.. who needs intelligence?
Fireitup01  45 M
I wanna grab him and say, hey I'm not stupid did you know that
Kellzie  40 F
I just put some weight on and it just went out the backdoor babe lol
Oxo---  97 M
pppfffttt mines more expensive so keep it lol
Fireitup01  45 M
Followed by, "did you know that?"No I didn't
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