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Reverendchill  60
brad n angelina had an affair while making mr n mrs smith
working on a Donald then gona go to work after i wipe my tRUMP on the John at look
Cant_Bann_GUNN  108 M
funny that you brought that name up Chill lol since I KNOW this peaches knows it
Reverendchill  60
is wronger a word
ever see the movie debbie does dallas.
c0m3dy_g3n1u5  108 M
yea wat bout her
sitting on dock of the bay waisting time
Cant_Bann_GUNN  108 M
I thought she got married when she just had a kid but regardless that rumor was flying when they had much when he broke up with <that loon> Jolie
Nonya comedy
LeggyPisces  29
Lol chill
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