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Reverendchill  60
i hereby declare myself king chill...bring me my ceptor
byronpt3  57 M
Awwwww. Siddy. Bumpkin
skroduhmp tRUMP is ruling over real stuff and he is imaginary.and delusional taBoot
byronpt3  57 M
I'll take the queen over any church figure u care to name. Lmffaro
Biron57  22 M
Gramps you never left smhl
byronpt3  57 M
I heard another storm headed ur way Nadine ....
Reverendchill  60
hogshit..look it up
hotnewfiemama10  45
do I need to get the bleach and toilet brush to your head again Moikey lol
why cant a real person rule over imaginary stuff if an imaginary person can rule over reall stuff??? hmmmmmmm?????`
LeggyPisces  29
Good morning Newfie
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