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Mort74  44 M
Not many jinx no sir
Saying stuff online and actually doing it are 2 different things
Lorelei_Lee  103 F
Lol keep yapping mort. Just means I win. I'm not bothered by ur bs
ghostwhisper  35
we getting a party bus then hitting the strip club
Mort74  44 M
Is no lie he's trust.worthy I'm sure could show the transfer
jinxdagrinch  38
no one works according to you Mort
Hukdy62  58 M
U go as far a a cheat banning pll
ghostwhisper  35
awesome going to see my favorite band tonight
Lorelei_Lee  103 F
Dont get along cuz ur all the same.
Mort74  44 M
U gave your word and sold it lmao ur a nobody
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