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C-U-NextTuesday  98 F
Look@the pommies ya have in here && there white they spell different
That ur not equal brown
What ur view on that n how hilarious 9/11 was to me?
Billy in it real pro .u seen me laught at Caucasian limbless soldiers?
C-U-NextTuesday  98 F
Most indigenous people spell the way they pronounce words
Browneyedgirl79  41 F
Kristen what's not true
Lito i sense you're a minority
N what bout it other side .what ever it is
x_Kristin_x  49 F
That isn't true at all
C-U-NextTuesday  98 F
Pzz me off the black side of me comes out!!!! I go all potty mouth && all
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