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wildwoman13  62 F
Huk no cares of ya made a new out house if ya know what one is
hotnewfiemama5  44 F
waits for new aka
hotnewfiemama5  44 F
well Doobz that's an insult if I ever Sen one hairy backed bald headed obese twit your not hey bud lol
Peace southern bbiab. Chow
Doobz  58 M
Hey now!!!!! Lol.
Jesus christ what will they think up next
wildwoman13  62 F
Southern red here Oklahoma
scream85  34 F
hotnewfiemama1  44
lol Doobz well their mom pays for it both are convicts ...even did a little stay together was that in 07 Bruce hahaha
That's a good1 . Bbiab
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