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sillyillybilly2  34
She’s more tatted up than I am
Mr_Gotham_City  43 M
I was born in Battle Creek but raised in Florida. My mom's kin is all throu
roffl he didnt even take second to think that out ...worried lmao
sillyillybilly2  34
I did a couple times I had the looking at her tatas look up and it’s eye contact lol oops
I always forget, after a day of backbreaking labor, how I owe lazy bums
or maybe she think u telling you friend how hot she is lol
sillyillybilly2  34
I just F it and stitch it back up okay okay okay
RG-original-1  99
if she's in a bikini just look directly f it she's a female lol
sillyillybilly2  34
I don’t talk to the pillow
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