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yes attacking a widow in unison is so hot that makes ppl sooo very attracti
DEFLEP5469  99 M
Angelo is having an epic meltdown from being jaded
Dracula_1869  100 M
why punk left u is beyond me lol
ic-isjesus2  46
Yes I bought her a phone card 🤷‍♂️ Ok maybe two
Dracula_1869  100 M
mind if I view u ovie .u looking tempting tonight .much provocative
Notice he’s doing the emoji dance again?lololol
ic-isjesus2  46
Then go phuq deon he so hot … yawl can’t both to fake
Ocie_banned  31 F
Hi rg
Cherry is with that pos billyfreak shows her lame character
Dracula_1869  100 M
speaking of pretty mixed women .hi ocie
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