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Earlyd63  59 M
how u doing kym
NoPic  50 M
Do something about it white Karen lacey☻️☻️☻️☻️☻️☻️
El_kawvron  122 M
It was either britches or a tank of gas 🙆‍♂️
Can’t Niki ya to stewpid to even to have common sense
justmebeingmee  37 F
Yes I am a cnt 😃 sorry you can’t keep up
You don't like my wig?? Lol. Should it have ben BUNDLES😂
Slow down on being stewpid Niki then try to pretend ya smart ok
x_Kristin_x  50 F
Damn @ repo'd britches
justmebeingmee  37 F
Gargle with saline solution bud lol and go see your doc for your flare ups
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