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And he not a Mandingo
MokatoOkimoto  M
true. i once forgot how to mazteabayte
OutLaw-_-Angel  77 F
That's good Kim. Hope everything works out as well as can be expected
Cantona07  47 M
Just bin 4 some fuel n peeps look at me like im an alien lol
Super-_-Peach  44
This ok jeff. I don't mind helping out sometimes
xMentalistt  40
Ya still gotta stick, 2 ya routine.. Or is that ya usual? lol
Look @ look his stomach bigger than his whole body
byronpt3  58 M
No idea Jedd. I doubt if he knows what's coming outta his nLips
OutLaw-_-Angel  77 F
That makes sense tho. U 4get things r there until u go w/o them
HiderName101  16 M
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