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shannonmarie2020  42 F
Stfu geeze , sound like 2 chicks going at it js
El_kawvron  122 M
An get stopped by the cops an I you got anything like a screwdriver
Popcorn  43 M
It's your life though imma let you tell it 😂🤣🍿
Well I'm friends with the fuzz in out now
Nobody’s asked for anything more on you said you were going to send one🤦‍♂️
shannonmarie2020  42 F
Are we still on this whole bus ticket thing Lordy yallz either fight or
bobbybean965  59 M
I gotta carry two laptops 24/7 .. kinda hard to put them in my wallet
El_kawvron  122 M
They do de encaje especially in California walk around with a backpack
Popcorn  43 M
No , then act like you wanted it 😂🤣🍿
Popcorn  43 M
You ask for a ticket months later , not cowardly at all after saying no 😂
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