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hustledbyeurself  41 M
Expensive to live here that I know
The_Queen_B420  31 F
The_Queen_B420  31 F
Meh I never wanted to live ON the beach just like 20-ish mins so you could fo daily
Popcorn  43 M
Purest natural water spring in the world is in Florida 💯
MiniLuver  41
I prefer living on the edge like Aerosmith
hustledbyeurself  41 M
I like the devils den 😈
Ethan_______xx  38 M
Christmas shopping tomorrow , who's doing their Christmas shopping ?
EarlD2863  58
living on the beach is over-rated
hustledbyeurself  41 M
Florida has some of the best natural springs like rainbow 🌈 river
MiniLuver  41
Tuesday I mean today
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