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Clickster928  57 F
Lol yup Moonie
TropicalFish  95 M
meet my latest bedroom addition.. shes blonde, slim and russian lol
Moon-Beems  44 F
Too damn cold up there for this southern gal Clicky
TropicalFish  95 M
if i won 220 million id have sone bedroom additions.. preferably big teets
sillyillybilly1  34 M
Two hours and my two day ban is up lol
Clickster928  57 F
That's not here Moonie
TropicalFish  95 M
Should start buying tickets then think ahead lol
TropicalFish  95 M
I thought what id do with 220 million then realised ive not done the lotto
Lucian  43 M
C- thundering of feet fleeing to the basement
Clickster928  57 F
Maybe bedroom addition
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