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johnbegood8150  57 M
Tonyz  52 M
Hey little tin tin ur in this room
TheInfamousTGUNN  88 M
We didn't own it but now we do. Lol also lmao I'm gonna put an end to my pesky neighbor getting mail delivered to his front door. I already stopped trash pick up at his house
lol bruce btw mail who ya like nadine are two seperate ppl. Were just a couple
Okielife  62 F
omg it's always sum thing when it comes 2 ur land
Miyagi_Look  54
Lol gunn I thought mine bad at almost 500ft to garage
Lil-Rebel-Darlin  44 F
Retàrd hour
Loser room
TheInfamousTGUNN  88 M
So I own that now. Well my family does that's semantics and it's a 50' right of way so that part is 3/4 of an acre
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