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cantbancraig2  45
Maxine if I looked like u I'd be bitter twisted and jealous too llf
AngelOutLaw  97 F
U have some sorta odd obsession with me.
how can you hate someone you never met!
justmebeinme  34 F
At your age, I’m sure every woman is a ho to you lol
Oudit  44 M
I would fix immigration if I was trump Cosby
driver1971  48 M
Hatred z such a horrible thing..
CherokeeppI  62 F
lmao more like can't stand ya crosseyed ho
justmebeinme  34 F
An old lady calling a fellow woman a ho lol how embarrassing
DatChatBrat  99 F
Isure am craig.. My next acting is next week.. Till then just a grip assist
she's not a HO
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