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TheInfamousTGUNN  88 M
Lmao no loss chill there hasn't been much good coke for 20 years I haven't either
xMentalistt  40
Laters Ticia....
mrjvk  99 M
She was up all night sniffing and wide awake.
Chillcology  59
i know ppl with holes on the inside of their noses when they were 20
Crystal614  39 F
Definitely true Look.. Im ready for em to be over
M0V13_S74R  34 M
Im anti substance. All of them
xMentalistt  40
Stuff can also just gan wrong...
Ticia44  45 F
Anywho...I'm gonna head that way. Yall hagn
mrjvk  99 M
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