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XX00001  M
He probably just shot the neighbors cat.
funny you say that, xx. my most recent purchase was a remmington 700 tactical.. marine issue sniper rifle LOL
real187og  42 M
he the only one rememble a man to me
shhh lyon who said you can post?
XX00001  M
Where’d Roid Rage go? Did he vapor lock?
JohnnyDreams  35
no wonder he hides his face
eekdiver  M
I don’t want no flouride
c0m3dy_g3n1u5  107 M
quik wat mental , mite go cash point so0n. kol if i aint been paid il b sad. if i av i b extremely appy
xmentalistx  39 F
real187og  42 M
that about it lol
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